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THE PLEDGE Food Waste Certification


JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok confirms its commitment to be a leader a more responsible business on the global challenge of food waste by embracing the PLEDGE on it parameters embracing and following “THE PLEDGE Food Waste Certification”.

Following consideration of the importance of environmental sustainability and concerned with its “Food Print”, JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok is committed to creating a food waste conscious environment within its food operations. Thus, (JW café & BBCO), will partake in the PLEDGE on Food Waste certification. 

Following the onsite implementation of the Food Waste Prevention Initiative, JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok has acknowledged its food waste generating issues within its own operations. These are:

1. Lack of awareness regarding food waste and sustainability issue among hotel associates, suppliers and our guests

2. Large amount of food spoilage waste being thrown away, especially at the end of the operation at JW café & BBCO.

3. Large amount food waste generated from improper food preparation and handling.

4. Raw materials being thrown away due to their shelf life and selective usage of some menu.

5. Large amount of waste due to lack of recycling usable product.

We commit to designing an action plan and implementing change to address the above issues.

JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok genuinely commits to preventing food waste by complying with the following 9 points:

1. Cut on food waste policy is drafted, signed by top executives, distributed to stakeholders, and is displayed on site

2.A permanent Systematic food Waste monitoring program is instated

3.Basic KPIs are used to track the impact of the program

4.Best practices are implemented at critical food waste generating points

5.The Food Lovers’ Committee had set up and holds regular meetings to establish new approaches aimed at effective food waste reduction

6.Employees undergo regular training regarding how to creatively cut food waste

7.Internal and external communication is used to keep momentum high

8.Staff awareness raising campaigns are run regularly with an open door policy for any suggestion they may have to help improve food waste reduction.

9.Options for redistribution and/or transformation of food leftovers are adopted.

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