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Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Ixtapan de la Sal Marriott Hotel, Spa & Convention Center


  • WEIGHT: Pet max. weight of 25kg or 55lbs are accepted.
  • BREED: Dogs classified as "dangerous breeds" are not accepted.
  • QUANTITY: Up to two (2) pets per room will be accepted.
  • CONDITION: Pets in heat are not accepted.


-VALID vaccination card / IMPORT CERTIFICATE, if the pet comes from abroad.

Ixtapan de la Sal Marriott Hotel, Spa & Convention Center
  1. All pets must be accompanied and under the control of an adult, who must ALWAYS keep them on a leash when in areas other than their room.
  2. Pets are prohibited from entering restricted areas as restaurants, common areas from the hotel (gym, event rooms, pools, SPA or any area where there are food and beverage services), pets may be in the places indicated by the hotel as allowed, always on a leash and accompanied by an adult.
  3. Pets cannot be left ALONE in the room.
  4. Pets must be always accompanied by the guest or the adult registered at the hotel.
  5. The guest must inform immediately when special cleaning is required.
  6. The guest is obliged to collect the pet's waste at the hotel and outside of it.
  7. The guest is obliged to report any material damage caused by the pet in the hotel facilities and assume the cost of the corresponding repair.
  8. Using towels, sheets, beds, or blankets in the room for pets is prohibited.
  9. ELEVATORS: In the elevators, pets must be restrained by leashes and / or arms.
  10. The guest must always avoid any disturbance caused by the pet. If the pet cannot be controlled, it must be removed from the hotel facilities, or the guest must leave the hotel, with no place for returns, refunds, etc.
  11. The guest will be liable for all damages to the property and / or injuries caused by the pet to the staff, other guests and / or visitors of the hotel; therefore, the pet owner must compensate the involved. In the case of damage suffered by the pet, the hotel, its operator, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, administrators, owners, operators and collaborators are NOT responsible. Damages caused by the pet will be valued and charged to the room account.
  12. Service dogs, assistance dogs or police dogs are exempt from these rules and can move without problem through all areas of the hotel and they do not generate any additional charge.

  • In case of abandonment of the pet in the hotel facilities by the guest, the pet will be delivered to the caretaker of an entity in charge of the care and protection of animals.
  •  It will be mandatory for each guest with a pet to open a special credit of $ 50 USD, during the stay for any damage it may cause, this will be canceled once the room is reported without damage.