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Upcoming Staytion Mixology Classes

Discover your new favorite cocktail at one of our weekly mixology classes every Thursday 5-7PM at Staytion.

Explore our list of upcoming classes:


April 5    "Fool Me Once!" - Clarifying juices for cocktails.
April 12       "A Floral Affair" - Incorporating floral flavors to jumpstart you into spring.
April 19"Shrub it Up" - Making shrubs using seasonal fruits and vegetables.                                                                        
April 26                               "Sparkling is Always a Good Idea" - Sparkling cocktails.                                                                                                                                                         


May 3

"The Bitter Truth about Bitters" - DIY Bitters Class and take home your own bitters for free. There will also be recipes with Few and Koval spirits.

May 10"Magnificent Mile Flowers" - Creating beautiful edible flower garnishes.
May 17

"Clarity Is Key" - Learning the science behind creating clear ice for some crystal clear cocktails.

May 24"Punch into Spring" - Punches to celebrate outdoor and indoor events in spring and summer.
May 31                                 

"Think Cold Drink Frozen" - Blended and crushed ice cocktails taken to the next level.                                                        


June 7"Summer Sangria Class" - DIY sangria class.
June 14

"Crafting The Perfect Margarita For You" - Easy margarita recipes and variations, from spirit infusions to syrups.

June 21

"Tinker With Tinctures" - Show to make your own tinctures at home, as we do in-house at Staytion bar.

June 28                                                           

"Pineapple This Pina That " - Using every part of your pineapple in cocktails, from purees to reductions, dehydration to vessels, when you think summer drinks you think pineapple.                                                                                               

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