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Dive Into Retro-Fun at Aruba Marriott

Unravel A Nostalgic Picnic Setup

Unleash Nostalgia and Blissful Moments

Take a step back in time with the new Retro Picnic experience at the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. Escape to a world of timeless joy and unforgettable memories with our Retro-Fun! package.

The retro picnic experience includes a wicker picnic basket filled with mouthwatering cuisine, candy that was popular in the 1950s, TIME Magazines from the 1960s, a red and white gingham blanket, Coca-Cola cups, the iconic Coppertone sunscreen, and 1960s-inspired cat eye sunglasses with headscarves to tie up that chic vintage look. Sure to be fun for the whole family, the package includes yo-yos, magic 8 balls, Wooly Willy magnetic hair designs, and Gumby toys, reminiscent of how kids used to entertain themselves long before cell phones or iPads. Sit back, relax, and spend an afternoon leaning into the nostalgia of the old days. Whether you prefer the sandy shores of the beach, the tranquil embrace of a lush garden, or the cozy comfort of your own room, this delightful setup is yours to enjoy wherever your heart desires.

The menu includes:

  • Finger Sandwiches:
    • Chicken Salad
    • Ham & gouda cheese
    • Prosciutto & mozzarella cheese
    • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Sides:
    • Artisanal marinated olives
    • Mixed nuts
    • Homemade potato chips
  • Sweets:
    • Chocolate barks
    • Cookies
    • Watermelon
  • Chose one drink from:
    • Bottle of Rosé Wine
    • Lemonade to share
    • Iced tea to share.

With our dedicated room service, the Retro-Fun! package is just a phone call away. Let us handle all the details while you focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our staff will deliver the picnic setup directly to your room, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is nothing short of extraordinary.