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A History of spadra33

Maybe even more enticing than the food at Spadra33 is the history behind our restaurant’s name. Long before Disneyland and CSUF made this area popular, Fullerton was just 430 acres of land near the town of Spadra.

William “Uncle Billy” Rubottom founded Spadra in 1866. He named it after his Arkansas hometown. Rubottom was a larger-than-life individual, said to have murdered two people. After the Civil War, many Southerners made their way to the new Spadra for a fresh start. Guided by German immigrant Louis Phillips, the town grew quickly as a hub of business. Sadly, a redirected railroad stop put a halt to Spadra’s growth.

All that’s left of Spadra are the Louis Phillips Mansion and the Spadra Cemetery. Had Fullerton not gotten its own railroad stop back in 1887, the vibrant city we know today would just be an abandoned building on the edge of a bigger town. We’re lucky to be here, and we celebrate every day by bringing you delicious food with almost as much character as Uncle Billy Rubottom.