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Corporate Wellness

Enhance Your Corporate Gathering

with Marriott's Wellness Expertise

Choose the San Francisco Marriott Marquis for your corporate gatherings and access our unparalleled wellness expertise. We are dedicated to enhancing your team's health during your stay. 

Experience COR Fitness from Above - Watch Our Drone Video Now!

Our services:

San Francisco Marriott Marquis
  • Group Exercise Classes (45-60 minutes $275) – Energize your team with classes for all fitness levels.
  • Stretch Breaks (15 minutes $100, 30 minutes $200) – Quick, guided stretches to rejuvenate your team during meetings.
  • Team Building Activities (45-60 minutes $275) – Strengthen bonds with activities that promote collaboration.
  • Yoga (15 minutes $100, 30 minutes $200) – Incorporate yoga sessions for flexibility and tranquility, suitable for everyone.
  • Wellness Workshop (30 minutes $200, 60 minutes $400) – Educate your team on a wellness topic to benefit their physical or mental well-being.
  • Energy Healing (15 minutes $100, 30 minutes $200) – Harmonize the body’s energies for stress reduction and clarity.
  • Meditation and Visualization (15 minutes $100, 30 minutes $200) – Sessions to enhance mental well-being and focus.

For a holistic corporate retreat, consult with your Marriott representative about our workshops and classes.

The above services and prices are subject to change without notice.

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