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Sustainability Happens Here

Champion of the Community

Dedicated to finding new and inventive ways to reduce the hotels' impact on the environment.
Water-conserving fixtures: Utilized throughout the hotel, including low-flow toilets, faucets, showerheads, and rinse stations – many with automatic sensors.

Lighting Controls: A centrally controlled and programmable lighting system reduces power at the circuits based on schedule and use, automatically adjusting for seasonal changes in daylight hours. Occupancy sensors are utilized in all possible heart-of-house locations.

LED Lighting: Predominant use of LED and traditional fluorescent lighting throughout the hotel’s interior (guest room, meeting room and heart-of-house) and exterior, reducing electrical consumption. These bulbs also produce less heat, lowering the cooling load of the hotel and lasting up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Building Management: Our advanced building management system allows the hotel to program meeting room heating and cooling based on occupancy as well as to ensure proactive maintenance of all hotel machinery – both of which ensure that energy use is optimized throughout the property at all times.

Diverting food waste from landfills with a digester which breaks down food scraps into water within 24-48 hours.

Hotel partners with Stewpot to help lead the food recovery efforts in North Texas. Food Recovery prevents the surplus of edible food around Dallas from ending up in the dumpster or landfill and shares it with those who are hungry.

Hotel Recycling: Cardboard in public areas and the heart-of-house - we recycle an average of 2,000 pounds per month.

Hazardous Waste Management: We are happy to partner with vendors to provide the safe disposal of computer equipment, cell phones, monitors, chemical waste, paint waste, batteries and always review options for the safe disposal of other potentially toxic materials as needed.

Paper Conservation: eFolio Paperless Arrival and Departure provides a paperless experience to our guests, automatically emailing their folio to them on their day of departure in lieu of a printed copy

• Phonebooks are not utilized in guest rooms

• Double-sided printing is encouraged with all associates

• Opportunities to save files and required reports digitally, instead of printing, are constantly identified and implemented


Smoke-free facility: Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.

Cleaning Chemicals: 50 percent of our guest room cleaning chemicals are Green Seal certified, and nearly all chemicals are purchased in concentrate and distributed in refillable, reusable, non-aerosol-based containers, reducing related landfill waste by 80 percent.

Pest Control: IPM strategies are utilized in place of traditional pest management strategies where available. IPM strategies include the use of mechanical controls in lieu of chemical ones, identifying species-specific, least toxic pesticide options and targeted application strategies.

Demand Control Ventilation: High-efficiency variable drive motors and HVAC Economizers are used in hotel lobbies and conference rooms. With their great quantity of guests, they have historically been designed to provide large amounts of outside air for ventilation. Utilizing these technologies significantly reduces power requirements for cooling and heating of ventilation air.

The Sheraton Dallas is excited to offer green meeting options such as: • Providing meeting room water coolers in place of bottled water

  • Providing clearly marked recycling containers in meeting room areas
  • Serving condiments in bulk containers, not individual servings
  • Eliminating wasteful packaging
  • Removing notepads from standard set, or providing a limited quantity in-room to reduce paper waste
  • Providing linenless banquet tables utilized for buffet, reception and coffee break stations
  • Utilizing digital photo frames for banquet buffet and bar signage
  • Using environmentally friendly chafing fuels and electric induction units
  • Integrating local, organic and/or sustainably grown and harvested products into banquet menus


As our in-house audiovisual partners, ENCORE also supports the environment by implementing energy-saving measures such as:

  • Converting display screens from CRT to energy-efficient LCD monitors
  • Using multipurpose equipment, which saves energy versus individual components
  • Increasing the use of LED lighting, which uses less power than traditional incandescent lights
  • Utilizing Digital Reader Boards in the meeting areas to post all events in lieu of traditional paper signage
  • Electronic distribution of banquet menus, banquet event orders, contracts, billing and other documents

Passkey websites are customized landing pages for your attendees, which eliminate the need to fax or mail registration materials. Customized paperless reports are available upon demand by the meeting planner.


Herb ‘N Jungle Rooftop Garden: Our executive chefs have planted and maintain a seasonal garden growing vegetables, fruit trees and a variety of herbs that will be incorporated into dishes served in the hotel.


DART Buses and Trains: We are conveniently located within steps of DART (Pearl/Arts District Station) making it easy to explore Dallas.

Trolley: The M-Line Trolley is within walking distance of hotel and provides convenient access to and from 3 light rail stations in Dallas.

Sheraton Dallas Hotel

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