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The Westin Charlotte - Green Hotel in Charlotte

Inspiring the World Through Green Meetings

Marriott International aspires to be the global leader that demonstrates how responsible hospitality management can be a positive force for the environment and create economic opportunities around the world, and in the communities where we work and live.

Meeting Initiatives

Paperless Event & Meeting Planning

The Westin Charlotte utilizes electronic sales tools such as eMenus, ePresentation and Adobe to create 100% paperless meeting planning process.

Sustainable Meeting Services
Our paper flip charts are compromised of recycles materials. All paper products used in the hotel are made of a minimum 30% of recycled material. We use plotted plant displays in place of fresh-cut flowers, cutting waste. All hotel plastic, paper and glass goods are respectfully recycled. Information regarding mass transit is included in ourePresentations. Energy-efficient digital reader board signage is used to eliminate the need for paper door cards. Water coolers with corn-based biodegradable cups are placed in each meeting room. Westin’s “Clutter-Free Meetings” place pads of paper, pens and mints on designated stations in meeting room instead of at each setting to reduce waste.

Sustainable F&B Practices

eMenus offer sustainable food menu options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, breaks and receptions. All disposable food and beverage packaging are made of fully recyclable material. Individually packaged condiments are in limited use and are only provided upon request. Environmentally friendly chafing fuel is used at all our buffer displays. Purified water stations are provided in each meeting room, complete with bio-degradable corn-based cups.

Impact Assessment Tools

We are pleased to provide each program with a complete Meetings Impact Report showing the meeting’s carbon footprint.

Socially Conscious Activities

ePresentation and eMenus offer socially conscious community-oriented ideas for groups varying in size. 

Hotel Initiatives

Green Seal–approved chemicals are used for guest room cleaning. A single-head shower option is provided to reduce water consumption.

An APEX System monitors the efficiency of machines. Non-caustic chemicals are used in cleaning.


All hotel plastic, paper and glass goods are respectfully recycled. Lightning automatically shuts off when not is use. Purified water stations are available in each meeting room with biodegradable corn cups. Electronic meeting room signs eliminator paper waste. Applicable food items are composted.


An energy-reduction program is in place to reduce pre-heat timing and equipment usage.
Air-conditioning computer technology reduces excess electricity usage.


Digital thermostats control energy in every guest room and are pre-set to reduce wasted energy. CFL bulbs are installed in all guest rooms to reduce energy consumption. Variable speed drive manages A/C energy for pumps, chiller and air handlers. The laundry steam and air compressors are turned off when not in use. Escalators are shut down when not in use.

Administrative Offices

All paper is recycled. Used printer cartridges are recycled. Lightning automatically shuts off when not in use. Computers are shut down overnight and monitors are shut off when idle. Paper is printed double-sided as often as possible to reduce waste.

Front Office Operations

Paperless check-in is available. Receptacles are available to recycle plastic, paper and glass goods. Foilios may be emailed to guests to conserve paper. 

The Westin Charlotte

601 S College Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 375-2600