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Kitchen Parties

Someone's in the kitchen with our staff – it's you! Kitchen Parties are not a new trend, but Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center has found ways to maintain a unique appeal. Each client's event is custom built so that no two are ever the same. Kitchen Parties have featured handmade foods from scratch, live bands or DJ's, trapeze artists who interact with the guests or live local artists working in tandem with the food theme to create a never before seen experience, serviced by chefs and cooks.

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Combining the magnificence of our spectacular resorts with an unrivaled personal touch guarantees the increased flexibility and efficiency you need to create your perfect meeting. It's a philosophy every bit as unique as our properties themselves, and an experience you'll only find at Gaylord Hotels — where higher standards plus superior value make the difference between just another good meeting and the best meeting you've ever had.

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