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Notice (Jul 13, 2021): The Quarter Century Club program is reopening! QCC members will be able to book and reserve free stays beginning on and after August 9, 2021.

Marriott Quarter Century Club


The Quarter Century Club (QCC)  is a program for Marriott employees and former employees who have provided 25 or more years of dedicated service at Marriott-managed properties. The program rewards members with complimentary rooms or villas at participating Marriott managed locations and continued access to Explore Rates.


  • Complimentary stay at the following properties when available based on projected room availability:
    • Marriott-managed properties participating in the Explore Program (other than Bulgari, Design Hotels, The Luxury Collection, The Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis)
    • Marriott Vacations Worldwide properties participating in the Explore Program (with limited exceptions)
  • QCC members may enjoy one complimentary stay per property per year, subject to availability.
  • QCC members may stay up to three nights at the same property during the same stay.
  • Members may book one room at the QCC complimentary rate, and if desired, one additional room at the Explore Rate or Explore Friends Rate.
  • 30% discount at participating property gift shops operated by Marriott.


Available reservations may be made up to 90 days in advance of the stay.

QCC members should first book the Explore Rate online at www.marriott.comor use the Marriott Bonvoy™ App, and then call or email the QCC Customer Engagement Center to determine if the Explore Rate can be changed to the QCC complimentary rate.

To check complimentary rate availability, call (800) 826-1882 (in the U.S.) or (402) 390-1600 ext. 2281578 (outside the U.S.), or email: SalesServices@marriott.com

Cancellation of reservations must be requested by contacting the QCC Customer Engagement Center at +1 (800) 826-1882 or via email at SalesServices@marriott.com. Failure to timely and properly cancel unused reservations may result in revocation of QCC member privileges at the hotel for the remainder of the calendar year.

Upon Check-In

QCC members who book using QCC Room Rates or Explore Rates need to present their QCC member card and Valid Photo ID. Explore Authorization forms are not needed

Participating Properties

Please click here to download and view a list of currently participating hotels.

The Quarter Century Club (QCC) is a program available only to qualifying long-service employees and former employees of Marriott. Additional terms and conditions apply as to eligibility, availability, reservations, cancellations, and other aspects of the QCC program. The QCC program may be enhanced, modified, limited, or terminated in whole or in part without prior notice. Misuse of the QCC program may result in termination of all privileges.