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Breathe Easy in a PURE Environment

Allergy Free Guest Rooms

Residence Inn By Marriott Dallas Plano/Legacy

Breathe easier in our allergy-friendly rooms. We have installed PURE® technology in several guest rooms so you can be confident your stay will be comfortable. Select Guest Rooms have been specially treated to virtually eliminate the growth of bacteria and viruses normally found in hotel rooms.

Residence Inn By Marriott Dallas Plano/Legacy

Facts about our PURE rooms:

  • Asthma and allergy sensitive travelers notice a refreshing difference in a PURE room compared to a standard hotel room.
  • The air is completely circulated at least 4 times per hour filtering out 99% of impurities found in the air.
  • In a PURE room, all bedding and pillows are encased in a protective and comfortable covering that is mold-proof, spore-proof, hypoallergenic, dust-proof and dust mite-proof.
  • A PURE room eliminates 98-99% of viruses and bacteria found in the environment.
  • A PURE room has no offensive or strong odor for the sensitive nose.
  • A PURE room is re-certified every 6 months to ensure the room remains PURE.
  • The air is continuously circulated and filtered allowing the purest air available to you.
  • The air quality is healthier for you and your family.
  • There is an in-room air purification system that is recognized as a Class II medical device by the FDA. This filters the air around you continuously.
  • A PURE room provides the freshest air giving you peace of mind and up most comfort.
  • In a PURE room you have entered a PURE-LY refreshing environment that caters to every traveler that cares about the air they breathe!